Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some positive news is that my knee is feeling better today. Not 100% but over the last 24 hours certain movements have provided some slight "adjusting" of my knee which appears to be helping. Woo hoo. I am not out of the clear yet, but at least it is better than yesterday thus far (knocking on wood). I still am confused as to what happened, but provided I get better, I don't really care anymore.

I wish I had brought my camera along today. The high school track season has started again, so today (being my day off of work) gave me the opportunity to attend practice. I swear it started to pour just before I got to the track and the entire time during their practice. We only had 4 distance guys out today (maybe the rest were scared off by the freezing rain) and I am proud of them for sticking it out.

Quinlyn states that he won the wet t-shirt contest as he had white on. Rebecca, Miryam and Hannah (all sisters) worked their butts off even with numb legs from the cold rain. I wish I had my camera to capture it all. Funny thing is, as I drove home I drove through pouring rain near the track and then 10 min down the road towards my house, I met fluffy white clouds and dry roads. I guess the downpour missed Cedar!

During the Olympics, I received an e-mail from the Canuck Fan Club (yes I am totally a member) stating that I had won a prize. Every so often they send e-mails around advising members of contests taking place. I generally always enter, never really expecting to win, but secretly hoping to. I filled out the forms, scanned them and sent them back. A couple of weeks ago I received my prize, which was shoved into my tiny little mail box and I actually had trouble getting it out, not to mention the envelope wasn't even fully closed anymore. Hopefully no one took my actual prize and swapped it. If they did, I will never know!

So if you are wondering, that is Henrik Sedin's autograph. Or is supposed to be from what I was told. The contest was an Olympic Prize Pack, which meant there were various autographed prizes (mostly photos, with 1 hat I think) from Henrik, Daniel, Christian Ehrhoff, Sami Salo, Pavel Demitra and Roberto Luongo. I think there was 1 prize per player. Anyways, I was surprised I won and will add this to my auto collection, considering I have yet to get Henrik's autograph in person!

Before I go, I figured it's been awhile since I have posted some updated photos of my kitties. If you don't like cats, too bad :P

Socket mid yawn

Socket being lazy on the table (He thinks he owns the house)

Steve and Socket playing games with one another

Socket posing for a photo

Steve lounging in the sun

Socket napping

Steve relieving an itch (this one makes me laugh)

The way Socket likes to share drinks

Great way to keep the kitties amused (ice in a bowl)

Steve likes to talk and does this often

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