Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mysterious Injury

I am confused. Let's just say, I went to bed on Monday night pain free. No issues no nothing. Well other than the abdominal issues which have been more minor lately. Tuesday morning I woke up and my left knee was stiff and it hurt to walk, especially bending to go down stairs. I figured I slept funny and hoped that walking around would loosen it up so I could complete my workout.

It never loosened up, but I headed off attempting to do my workout anyways. The warm up felt okay, minor pain but nothing serious. Alright, I thought, onto the workout. The first rep of my workout was brutal. Needless to say it hurt. At that point, I decided to give it until rep #3 before I called it quits; however, rep #2 went much better so I ended up finishing the workout. A bit stiff on the cool down, but not major.

I iced it when I got home and even took my ice pack to work and stuck it in the freezer at work to use it throughout the evening. Pain was there and it hurt to even walk. It felt the best to keep my leg straight. I took Advil.... but it didn't help. At the end of the day, I went to bed hoping that it would magically feel better by morning just the way it magically began to hurt overnight.

No such luck though, it still hurt this morning which resulted in an unscheduled day off from running. I can deal with scheduled days off, but when an unscheduled one comes up, I hate it. I feel like I am missing out as I am supposed to be out there running. In the end though, I have to do what is best for my health and if that requires a day or two (hopefully not more) off, then that is what I have to do. Even if I go stir crazy.

So this pain you ask, what is it about the knee. First off, I am horrid at explaining injuries and how the pain feels like. Honestly, I think it feels as though the knee is off or something. It feels like it has to pop but won't. It hurts the most when bending it and I feel it the most on the outside. Is it a major injury? Hard to say. The one thing that has me confused is I felt nothing prior to waking up yesterday morning with this pain. What the heck? Mysterious injuries are what bothers me the most! I haven' t done anything to aggravate it, though it is time to switch to new running shoes again.

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Molly said...

Oh how frustrating!!! It's the random mystery pains that are the most unnerving becuase you don't know what you did to cause it! Hope it goes away as quickly as it came on!