Friday, March 12, 2010

Winter Reminder

Here on the West Coast of BC, we have had a pretty mild winter. Last winter we were hit with a decent amount of snowing and freezing temperatures which made the snow last for over a month. This is unusual for BC, as normally we get snow which is followed by rain shortly after.

This winter was different, a very brief snowfall once, which stuck but then turned to rain over night and was gone by morning. I posted the other day that it was attempting to snow, which it was, but by no means did it ever stick to the ground. This morning I woke up at 8:15am to this:

Socket trying to get to the snow

Of course it was the one morning I had to go out and be somewhere by 9:30am. Thankfully the roads weren't that bad, just a bit slushy on the side roads. By the time I got home just after 11am, it had stopped and was now raining. By the time I went for my run, it was sunny. The following photos were taken at about 12:45pm.

Basically, I think winter just wanted to give us a heads up that while we have had mild temperatures (10 degrees yesterday afternoon and 10 degrees now), winter is not officially over yet so don't get too excited!

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