Saturday, March 20, 2010

Still alive

Has it really been 5 days since I last posted. A lot of blogs I follow are updated either daily or at least every 2nd day. I don't know how these bloggers do it. My life hasn't been all that exciting lately so I haven't really thought of much I could write about. And when that happens, it turns into a really lame blog post so there is no point. It could be due to me working an extra shift, making it 6 out of 7 days or it could be that I just haven't had the motivation to write!

So here I sit, thinking about what I could possibly write about. I spent the last few hours watching the Blind Side. Has anyone seen it? I thought it was pretty good. I am also back to assisting coach the NDSS high school track team, so there is something else that is taking up some of my free time lately. So far it looks like a small team; however, I hope it will grow. If it doesn't, that is okay too as the ones we do have are a good group of kids.

Speaking of coaching, I was also asked to take part in another coaching opportunity, which at this time, I have turned down. Due to my work schedule (3-11:15 on a 2 week rotation), it makes it hard enough to even make 2 out of the 3 NDSS practices each week, let alone trying to fit in another group. I would love the opportunity to coach the kids; however, I need to first do some education on coaching youngsters and also find more time (if that is possible). We have about a month until the first track meet, so we'll see how it goes.

With regards to my own training, it has been going well. This week I ran some decent times in my workout, which indicate some positive results. My iron is improving (I think), though its hard to tell without an official blood test. I do feel better in my workouts though, so I take that as a positive sign. I know to fully recover from low iron it does take a few months at least; however, some benefits should be reflected soon after starting supplements. I look forward to the day when I have my full health back!

Race plans in the mean time have been discussed with the coach and will be revealed when the timing is right ;)

On a side note, my friend Lila started getting into photography last April and asked me if I was interested in taking some Olympic photos with my torch bearer uniform and torch. I said sure why not, but first warning her that I am in NO WAY a model. I met up with her yesterday afternoon down at the water front and we took a few shots. I haven't seen them all yet; however, these were the one's she posted online.

My eyes are nearly closed in this one and it made me realize my horrid posture!

Then one of me being a dork

Lila has some amazing talent, especially with the voice work. And of course she takes great photos too. You can see her site here. Thanks for the photos Lila!


Charisa said...

Nice pics :) I think you could do the model thing just fine should your other job someday get boring.

Molly said...

Great pictures! And I agree with Charisa :)