Friday, March 5, 2010

Things I learned

Its only 11:20am and already I have learned a few things today.

My first lesson of the day came bright and early. My phone rang at 6:06am. Work calling, hit ignore, listen to the voicemail while still half asleep, they want me to work 7am-7pm. Uhh yeah I am sleeping, I think not! As nice as the extra money would be, that is a long day and I had only been in bed since 12:30 with a crappy nights sleep as I worked until 11:15pm last night. Getting me out of bed in the morning to work is near impossible, plus its my rest day, but I'll get into that later. The point of this story is that the lesson was to remember to set my phone on silent so I don't get woken up!

The second lesson came later in the morning, once again my phone woke me up at 8:22, this time it was vibrating letting me know someone had sent me a facebook message. Damn facebook alerts, I should change the time slots in which they are allowed to send them! Quite often they wake me up. So not only is there a lesson to change the time slots, but I also received a double lesson. I saw who the message was from and went back to sleep (yes it was nearly 8:30 and I was not ready to get up yet). Going back to sleep led this person to taking ahold of and creeping into my dreams. So the next lesson was of how easily the mind can take a simple thought and transfer it into a dream.

So what are we on now, lesson four? Ok, lesson 4 came from reading Charisa's blog. It is her birthday today, so Happy Birthday Charisa! She advised her readers that since it was her birthday, she invited everyone to have a Charisa Holiday. From this, I learned that my coach was every so nice in providing me with a rest day in honor of Charisa's special day. Oh wait, well maybe technically it was due to me tapering for a race on Sunday (yep you heard me right, I have a race coming up); however, I am going to call it a Charisa Holiday Rest Day for the rest of the day and do a lot of what these cats are doing below!

Lesson number 5 came from reading Elizabeth's blog. She talked about how both she and her husband have "Track Hands" and how she figures her new little baby (whenever he/she arrives in a few more months) will likely have track hands as well. Track hands basically means no hand/eye coordination when it comes to sports with balls. It took her blog to make me learn that I have track hands as well. For years, ever since I was a kid, I lacked the ability to play racket sports, such as badminton, tennis or even baseball and golf (yes I know the last 2 don't use rackets) and now I know why. Track hands! I started track at ages 8 and competed until 18, then moving to road racing. Once a runner, always a runner= no hand/eye coordination. It all makes sense now, it could be why I strike out whenever trying to play ball!

So here we are, already 5 lessons in the day! Where will this day take me now?

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