Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nutritional Uh Oh

Last Thursday before I raced on Sunday, I went and had my blood tested to find out my iron levels. I ran a decent race, but still felt as though there was a lack of oxygen in my legs. On Monday I received a call from the Doctors office; however, due to being at work when they called, I didn't get their message to return their call until after the office had closed.

I called them back on Tuesday morning and received word that my serum ferritin levels were extremely low. I didn't inquire as to how low as I knew my results would arrive in my mail box shortly, which they did on Thursday. According to the results, my ferritin was < 5 and was supposed to be 15-180 ug/L. Hmm, so you mean if its under 5 they don't give you a number? Weird. I was also told that chances are my ferritin was stealing from my hemoglobin as that was 124 and was supposed to be 120-150 g/L. While it was in the acceptable zone, it was on the lower side of the acceptable zone.

So there we have it, on Sunday I felt off and as though my legs wouldn't go due to lack of oxygen and now I have an official reason as to why. I will admit I am not a big red meat eater and yes I know there are many other ways to get iron. I will have to work on it. Until then, I will also take supplements. Anyone have any experiences with low iron? What foods taste good and are full of iron? Should I worry about taking too much iron? I'd love to hear experiences.

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