Saturday, October 31, 2009

My 2010 Olympic Torchbearer Experience!

Warning its a longer one!

So it began like this. I went to bed last night, feeling a bit crappy so I was in bed earlier than normal. I woke up at 8:30 and was feeling gross but so thirsty so I got up for the bathroom and water. I went back to sleep and woke up again at 9am. When I got up, I felt aweful. I took my temperature 101.5 F. Oh great I thought as I was supposed to be running a leg in the Westwood Relay at 11am (just over 5km).

Next thing I knew, my face was friends with the toilet bowl and up came all the water I drank. I sent a text (as I didn't feel like phoning if I was going to vomit) to someone at the relays who put me on a team to say I wasn't going to be there. No response back. After the toilet bowl and I part ways, I try calling as I have had no response. No answer. Message and call another guy I know that will be there, no response. ARG.

Finally just before 10am I put on 3 shirts and some pants and head to Westwood. I arrive and everyone is happy to see me as I tell them to keep their distance. I explain I will not be running, which means one girl on my team must either do 2 legs or they need to find another girl. No clue what happened. Sorry guys or should I say girls, but I was in no shape to run that far!

I came home, after stopping at the grocery store for tylenol flu, orange juice and throat stuff, then came home. Chilled on the computer for a bit, ate half a bagel and had some OJ until I felt tired and then slept until about 1pm. I dragged myself up and hit the shower, which did refresh me a bit. Some more tylenol before I left and I was on my way to Chemainus.

We were to be there at 2:45pm in order to check in and get orientated. I got there just in time and all but 1 other torchbearer was there. We got our speel about no real stopping for photos with the side crowd etc, that we can take our time though and if things go too fast, they will slow us up. Done the speel by 3pm we have 30 min to wait till our bus leaves.

Everyone around has people taking photos; however, my family wasn't going to be around until closer to 4 they told me. While waiting I was a celebritied, some people asking for pics of me, with me or even holding the torch by themselfs. Of course I let them with the understanding not to run or drop it! In the end, about 5-10 min before we left, my mom and step dad showed up and captured some photos. See below.

This marker shows were I was supposed to start, 105; however, they dropped me off at a different location and then proceeded to tell me that I was getting to run probably 500m instead of 300m and asked me if I could handle it. Hells yeah! I guess the guy in front got his cut short, sucker! ;)

Next are a series of shows while running with the torch. I did a slow jog and man did the entire process go buy so fast. I literally had no clue how far I had to go and then all of a sudden, there I see Mila a grade 10 student from Calgary (she chose Sooke to Nanaimo as her route due to having family here). Darn, over all ready.

Part of the relay convoy!

Here I come! I heard some commotion behind me for the 2nd photo and it turned out to be some guy trying to get his moment of fame with his photo and me and the torch! Security, although they don't look like it, were concerned for a brief moment until they realized what he was doing.

Slowing down as I come up to the next torchbearer and just before we touch torches

Coming to turn my flame off and me waiting for the bus pick up

Except the shuttle drove right by me so the guy in the middle had me walk back a few blocks before it came back to me.

One last one of me, my mom and step dad after the torch run was done

When done we were dropped back off and I booted it home to watch the relay start beside my house. By then it was dark and half the pictures sucked so I won't post them. Plus this is long enough.

In the end it was a great experience. I wish I were sick with a fever at the time; however, I made the best of it and enjoyed myself. Too bad we couldn't run for more than the allotted time! Ahh well, GO Canada!!

PS now I am off to bed as I am dying. I wanted to attend the in town festivities but as soon as I got home, the horrid feelings returned to my body. Darn.


D said...

You need a haircut.

t-odd said...

D - always encouraging. Looks like it was fun. Hope you feel better soon.