Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Big Yellow Bus

Today I was lucky enough to ride in a big yellow school bus. I am pretty sure the last time I was on a school bus must have been in high school, which means it has been over 10 years. Why was I lucky enough to ride in the big yellow wagon? Today was the Island Age Group Championships for High School Cross Country down in Victoria. Who wouldn't want to spend 1 of their 2 days off this week on a big yellow bus for about an hour and a half each way with a bunch of teenagers ;)

Nah don't get me wrong, it was definitely fun. Some strong races, with a few kids having a rough time out there. We have exactly one week until the Island Senior Championships where they will run to try and qualify for the BC High School Championships on November 7th over in Surrey (where they ran earlier this month). It will be nice if we can qualify both a girls and boys team; however, all will depend who brings their game next week! No pressure of course, as long as they have fun!

We have a mix of kids on the team this year, some who are pretty serious and other's who just love to run. There is nothing better than watching a kid have a great time running and is excited to come 2nd to last. I find it enjoyable watching kids like this run. They run for the joy of it and why not. There is so much pressure out there today, whether kids put it on themselves, or their coaches or parents do. It is upsetting to see this at times, especially when the parents do not realize they are doing it. Any sport should still be fun, whether serious or just out for the heck of it. Don't you agree?

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