Saturday, October 10, 2009

T minus 17 hours

There is just over 17 hours until my race begins bright and early at 7:30am tomorrow morning. Here I sit about to head down to Victoria to stay at Sam's (thank you Sam), and I am still stuffed up. Not nearly as bad as Wednesday but still far from 100%. Fingers are still crossed that I wake up feeling at least a little better by tomorrow morning. At this rate, I will need to carry a kleenex box with me. I guess I will wear some gloves at least for the start of the race, they can act like kleenex I suppose (eww).

Anyways, race report to come either tomorrow night or Monday depending on how happy/disappointed I am in my race. I am aiming for happy of course! Good Luck to Sam, Janet, Melissa, Marilyn, Matt, Byron, Shelby, Mark and whoever else is down there racing tomorrow! See you all out on the streets!

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