Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Races and Olympic Stuff

Alright, I am probably going to put 2 of my blog posts together today. Hopefully this won't get too long. As I mentioned yesterday, today was our Vancouver Island High School Senior Cross Country Championships. We took about 16 athletes down to Victoria to run at Beaver Lake, which included a range of Grade 8-12's. Some great races were run; however, unfortunately our girls suffering from flu's, cold's and injuries were not successful in qualifying, individually or as a team. Good work anyways girls!

Our boys on the other hand, had 2 individual qualifiers and then we find out that the boys team also qualified for the BC championships. Way to go boys! So it looks as though the boys will be headed to the BC Championships on Saturday November 7th. This is where I hope to see D, after many many years of not seeing her. This is provided I can attend as I am technically scheduled to work that day. Anyways, here are some photos of my team on the start line. They were given starting lanes and the lanes were tiny, so the team had to line up 2 behind 2 etc.

In other news, I promised you photos of my Olympic Torch Uniform. So here you go!

Front and Back of Jacket

Front and Back of Pants

Gloves and Toque

Me wearing the outfit, posing like a dork with the timer!


D said...

The line up 2 behind 2 at Provincials. It's meant to be practice for that ;)

t-odd said...

Love the uni. Especially the toque. Have fun relay leg and don't let that flame go out.