Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Update!

I spent the last 2 days down in Victoria for the Mindful Strides Workshop with Marilyn Arsenault and Katherine Moore. So much to blog on; however, it has been a long 2 days which consisted of a physio appointment down in Victoria prior to the workshop, to losing my cell phone, to driving home without it thinking it was gone as I had left it on the back of my trunk after the physio appointment (yeah I know dumb idea), to finding out some kid found it and called my mom via my contacts, to driving back to Victoria today, another day of the workshop and driving home. Excuse that run on sentence. Oh wait before I go on, did I mention I came down with a cold on Friday evening and spent the Saturday morning drive to Victoria wanting to hurl?

So here I sit, bagged after 2 days in the sun, with a cold, a stuffed yet running nose and sneezing constantly. I am quite the sight! hah. I had originally intended on blogging all about the workshop. No details, just the basics so I don't ruin it for others. You want to find out the details about the workshop.... then sign up for a workshop as there are more taking place in the future both on the mainland and down in Victoria. I promise the blog will come, but maybe not until tomorrow or Tuesday.

In the meantime, I am now officially on an end of season break. Maybe this cold is due to my body knowing I am on a break and finally giving in to something I have been fighting for awhile. I know a few weeks back I thought I was getting a cold but it never came full force. Maybe that is what I am dealing with now. The one thing that sucks is that the weather is finally nice, yet I am unable to run, bike or do any other type of workout. This week is to concentrate on rest and relaxation. So in saying that, I am off to finish a few things before heading to bed to hopefully sleep away this cold so I don't spend my break sick!

Here is a teaser of Katherine, myself and Marilyn after the clinic finished. I had a great time with these lovely ladies and thank them for sharing some of their wisdom with me!

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