Friday, June 11, 2010

Records are Meant to be Broken

While I am a little sad to see them go, I feel very honored to have held them for 19 years (since 1991) and I am very proud of the little girl who beat them as I have been watching her run for over a year now. To be honest, I prepared myself a year ago for this day as I knew she was going to break them! Congratulations Madison!

Jordan butchered my last name, but that isn't what is important. For the last 19 years I had held the 400 and 1500m records for the Nanaimo District Elementary School Meet. They had been threatened before; however, most years this meet has crappy weather with wind and rain. This year though, the weather was perfect and I knew they were going to go down!

I do have to correct this news piece though. They state I had the 400, 800 and 1500m records, but in all honesty, the 800 record was broken 3 years ago by a girl named Tkia. For some reason though, the school meet did not record her record and kept it under my name. So technically speaking, I had 2 records broken and Tkia had 1 broken. This little girl flew through the 1500m race in 5:18, which is spectacular for that age. My record at the school meet was 5:25, so she demolished it. I also ran 5:19 later that year, but certainly not 5:18 and she is not done yet! Amazing! I was there to cheer her on for the 1500 and gave her a well deserved high five and congratulations after she finished.

Funny story is, I have known her dad and 3 aunts for years. Her father and 2 of her sisters were in the track club with me and lived on a farm not far from my house. The youngest of the aunt's is 1 year younger than me, so we often raced each other. Fast running runs in that family as all of the kids had set school records at some stage! I am certainly not surprised that it was another member of the family who took down my records! I have a feeling, little Madison will hang onto those records for many many years; however, only time will tell!

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