Thursday, June 17, 2010

Break Time

Starting this week I have officially been on an end of season running break before I begin my build for a fall Half Marathon. I was originally not looking forward to this break. I had finally found a groove of good races and wanted to race again. Instead it was decided to take a break instead. I think it helped that I began my break being sick. That way I didn't miss running and I admit it was kinda nice not feeling guilty about missing a workout due to being sick!

How have I spent my break? Doing a lot of lying on the couch, watching tv, spending WAY too much time on the internet, coaching some kids and practicing some of the stuff that Marilyn gave me to work on. Well all that and work and sleep of course. I am unsure as to when I will begin running again as that is not in my hands. All I know is that I am feeling energized and extra motivated to get back into it, to begin working hard as I know I am capable of some great results in upcoming races!

Unfortunately, my break is about to get even more boring as I work all weekend. At least the weather is supposed to turn crappy, so I won't be missing out that much. How do all you other bloggers out there have such interesting lives? You have things to blog about all of them time? I suppose with no races, no training and nothing much going on during my 2 days off this week, it leaves me with not a whole heck of a lot to post about.

So in saying that, I'll change over to my cats and their new tricks. Hopefully this will keep it somewhat interesting.

Below you'll find how much Socket hates bikes

Socket has finally figured out that he is able to stand tall and reach heights he has never reached before

Steve LOVES newspapers. Every time someone reads a paper, he plunks himself right on top. Never cooperates for photos, but politely tells us he wants attention

This was also taken tonight. Socket likes to share EVERYTHING we have. Always sticking his paws in our cups whether we are finished or not. Tonight he decided to share some of Jay's Tim Horton's Iced Cappuccino.

Lastly, this isn't about my cats; however, back in April one of my friends/competitors Care had a run in with one of the camera men filming the start of the race at the Times Colonist 10km. I was chatting with a friend who works for the news station one day and he mentioned his co-worker getting bowled over. I informed him that I knew the runner who did that and he said they had video of it and it was hilarious. So by request, he sent it to me so I could share with Care! Poor Care was beat up pretty bad, but she still managed to run a nice PB! Go Care!

Until next time.....

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