Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mission Completed

The mission was to take a no running break. I went into the break without knowing how long it was going to last. It was all in my coaches hands. I was dreading the break, thinking that 1 week was forever. Then I found out it might be 2 weeks. Coach Matt laughed when I asked if he was trying to kill me " OMG what are you going to do" was his response. Smart Aleck. This cartoon suites Coach Matt I think.

Nevertheless, being sick and busy at work, the week flew by. Sunday evening I received an e-mail that showed that the break was over. Turned out to be 9 days without workouts/running. I am now making a slow return back into running and will begin my build for the fall. No races until September most likely and then I will be ready to rock in October, likely for a half marathon, but things could change, we'll see. All I know is that the weather is beautiful and I am allowed to once again fly through the trails and catch up on my protein intake by inhaling bugs. Yum!

My weekend went well, a usual weekend at work ending with a hectic Sunday evening which resulted in me sending one of my residents to the hospital. That is never a fun job, but she needed to go. Unfortunately it took some convincing as she did not want to go at first. Her husband who lives with her went to the hospital about 3 months ago and was set to return today, so she did not want to go away and not be there when he returned home. In the end, his return home was delayed as she is not back yet either. I look forward to having them both return home to the facility. The joys of health care. Over in complex care though, the high light of the weekend was one of the residents turning 100 years old. Quite the accomplishment and his family threw a few parties for him. Some elderly are amazing!

Until next time, you'll find me out on the trails ;)

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