Thursday, June 3, 2010

89th Birthday Celebrations!

I apologize for the lack of blogging lately, but really, not too much has happened in my life recently. I worked this week Mon, Tues and Wed, had today off and then return to work for Fri, Sat and Sun. Bring on Monday! The one thing worth mentioning that happened recently is my Grandpa's 89th birthday celebration which took place in Qualicum Beach (about 45 minutes north of where I live) last Saturday. We went up there for lunch and I was able to not only see my grandparents (I admit I do not go up and see them enough even though they are so close) but also my Aunt and cousin from Victoria and even more so my other Aunt who lives up in Houston (BC not Texas). I rarely get to see her, so it made the day extra special!

My lovely Grandpa and me (doesn't look 89 does he?)

Oh wait, I think I should post the first attempt at taking a photo with him. My lovely sister Heather decided to jump in on the photo. I told her I would post it on Facebook, which I haven't actually done yet, so I will post it here for all of you to see (serves you right for sneaking in the photo)!

I should add that she snuck into my photo because I snuck bunny ears behind her bf's head in her photo with my Grandpa. Oh wow, I see blogger doesn't like the word "snuck" but I like the definition in the Urban Dictionary: common mistake for the past-tense of sneak (the real past-tense is sneaked, but sneaked sounds retarded so it should be snuck). haha

3 sisters!

My Aunt from Houston!

Lastly, here is one of Socket after he stole the Cat Nip container. The flash made his eyes look crazy and his tongue out just adds character to the photo!

More to come after this weekend!

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