Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Step #2 completed

After weeks and weeks of waiting to hear about the Torch Relay, I finally received an e-mail to continue with the process. It looks pretty much guaranteed that I will run my part of the relay on October 31st, 2009. While I am excited about the relay, I am also disappointed with the date as this is the day of the Westwood Lake Relays here in town. Basically each team has 4 members and each member runs one 6km loop of the lake. I was asked if I wanted to run on a team; however, obviously because of the Torch relay I cannot confirm yes or no.

I was reading the FAQ's for the relay (I would post the link, but you need a torch bearer log in to review them) and it says that each person's portion of the relay will be 300m long. 300 freaking meters! Are you kidding me? Too short in my opinion, then again, with each segment being so short, it allows more people to carry the torch. Also, although I will run/walk for a total 300m of the relay, I can expect my whole torch bearer journey to take 2-3 hours of my day. I guess I will meet at a "collection point" and then get dropped off at my segment by a shuttle. After I am done running the hard 300m, I get picked up by another shuttle until I eventually get dropped back off at the collection point. A long day for 300m of running.

But this is a once in a life time chance most likely and the Westwood Relay will be there again in future years, so I shouldn't really complain. I will receive a free uniform in which I must wear all pieces, a track suit, toque and mittens. They look alright, basically mostly white except for a part on the arm. I stole a photo from their website.

I also apparently get the chance to purchase the actual torch in which I will carry. I have no idea how much it is, but I also have the opportunity to purchase other items and I hate to say it, but I don't know what items those are either. I have to wait 24 hours after completing step 2 until I gain access into the online shop to see prices and what I can buy. I will definitely be looking into it tomorrow though!

In the meantime, I wait. I will not hear what time of the day and where exactly I will run (it will be anywhere between Sooke and Nanaimo, hopefully closer to Nanaimo) until 3-6 weeks before October 31st. I am hoping I will hear 6 weeks ahead of time as that would be soon, but chances are.... I'll probably hear at the last minute possible! I will keep you informed though!

On a side note, I still have that arm pain so I went and saw my physio Kyla today in which she manipulated my neck and upper back as two spots were "stuck." So far, I still feel pain though maybe slightly less intense. It has only been 9 hours, so I will see what I feel like tomorrow. I race Sunday, so I would like it cleared up by then. I can run with it, but it can be uncomfortable! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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D said...

For just $3000, you too can have your own torch! We will even donate .5% of the proceeds to the government! ;)