Friday, September 18, 2009

Race #2

I kind of decided this awhile ago, but didn't want to say anything until now. I will be running my 2nd race tomorrow morning; however, it is not a huge deal as it is a trail race rather than a road race. Officially it is called "Run for the Mountain." Basically, the race is held at Westwood Lake and consists of 1 loop of the lake (approx 6km). I have never gone and run one loop of the lake full out before, so after tomorrow I will finally have an answer for the many times I get asked how long it takes me to run around the lake. I entered this race last year, but then change of plans happened and I went to Vancouver for the weekend.

The race is for a good cause though. It is in support of NALT (Nanaimo & Area Land Trust) and the race is held by Running Room with the proceeds going towards NALT to purchase a 2nd piece of land on Mt. Benson. NALT already purchased one section of land (523 acres to be exact) last year. Now they are raising money for stage 2, which would include another section to bring their total possession to 883 acres. Mt. Benson is the main mountain that overlooks the city and is a huge part of Nanaimo. I think it is a great cause as I do not want to see the Mountain developed.

I have not really tapered for this race, then again I only did a minor taper before the race last week. I had a hard workout on Wednesday, which felt tough, especially only 3 days after the 10km. I will just do what I can tomorrow and not worry about it, though I am hoping to be the first female as I would then be crowed "Queen of the Lake." Plus I would pick up a pair of free shoes, so hopefully I can pull it off ;)

Before I head off, I have a few pictures and videos to post of Socket. He is quite the character and has recently had a friend come by to visit, teasing and taunting him from outside any window or door. It is pretty cute if you ask me. Here are a bunch of photos of various things.

Socket sleeping with his feet in the air

Eating my flowers I won at the Harbour City 10km

Hiding in the cutlery box after we took them out

Inside out ear and crazy eyes!

Socket and his buddy napping together via a window


Socket still loves his laundry baskets!

Hah, I have a S-M-R-T kitten!

Socket's friend is kind of mean!

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Molly said...

I hope you had a great race today! Socket is too cute.

Regarding hockey tickets, ours are similarly priced (and not even the most expensive ones in the US) and I think almost every game sold out last year. I think it's because they're the only team in town that actually wins here :)