Saturday, September 12, 2009

D day

The time has come for me to get out of training mode and into racing mode. Tomorrow will by my first race since June 16th. I will be taking part in the Nanaimo Harbor City 10km. I still have the arm pain, which sucks, but I am hoping it doesn't distract me too much. It is also less than ideal the fact that I work 3m-11:15pm this evening and will get home at 11:30, to then have to be ready to race at 8am. Not much sleep, but I will do the best I can considering the circumstances. Hopefully it will be a positive race report, which may or may not come tomorrow as I also work 3pm-11:15pm after the race. Simply said, my goal is under 39:00.

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Molly said...

Good luck tomorrow!!!!