Monday, October 4, 2010

T minus 6 days

In 6 days at this exact time, I will be done my half marathon. I have mixed feelings about this upcoming race. I will also admit that part of me is afraid to even go into the reasons as to why I am not looking forward to this race. I have received some comments from people that I have apparently "offended" by being unhappy with recent races and training due to them not being on par to where they should be. Apparently, I am not allowed to be unhappy with times that are a minute or two off my best. No idea why I cannot be unhappy, other than since my time is faster than theirs, I don't seem to have the right =) So to that, I just say that time is relative, what is fast for me is also slow for a lot of ladies. And what is slow for me is fast for other ladies. 

Anyways, rant done. Basically as I stated, I have mixed feelings. I have decided to let go of any goals I had for this race based on the way I have been feeling over this past month. Yesterday I did my final 90 minute run, which included me blowing snot rockets all over the place. Yep, that cold I had a few weeks ago, seems to still be around. I am not 100% healthy yet, which might explain why the simplest runs are leaving me tired. I hope in 5 days I have kicked this cold, but if I haven't, I will do the best I can on the day. Even going into the race with no goals, I will say if I am too far off my best time, I will be disappointed. I think that is natural. 

I know I positive and trust me, I am trying my best. Who knows what will happen. All I can do is run and see right? Hopefully this blog won't be taken the wrong way. These are my thoughts and I am not picking on anyone else. I am grateful for the times I run, but of course I want to run to my potential and I have not yet done that this fall. 

Sorry that this post is all over the place. I wanted to give you all an update and fyi, I am not making pre-race excuses in case it goes bad. I am honest in the fact that I have felt completely off for the last month. 

Update on Marilyn: She is out of the hospital as of Friday, after spending 12 days in the hospital. Welcome home Marilyn! Keep healing!

Lastly, please vote for me here. Help me win a Wii from a local gas station. I have to stay in first until Oct 31st. Vote daily (might be every 24 hours from when you vote as I haven't figured out the timing yet)! Thanks. 

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