Tuesday, October 26, 2010

4 days till I go back to 1999

Go Canucks Go! Sorry for the outburst. The Canucks are playing Colorado as we speak so I had to send out a cheer. Oh I love hockey season, though the Canucks are less than impressive so far this season. Most of that is our over paid goalie who isn't living up to his salary. At one point someone posted a Craigslist ad advertising him for sale. Unfortunately the post was flagged so I cannot share it. Pretty amusing though!

Most people assumed that maybe I would have some downtime after the Half Marathon just over 2 weeks ago, but in fact, I had a few rest days and then jumped back into workouts as I recovered pretty fast. Focus shifted to Cross Country. Yep that is right, (dang Colorado scored) this Saturday I will race my first BC XC Championships since 1999. The last time I raced BC's was the fall after I graduated high school, just before I quit the local track and field club after about 9-10 years. That race was my worst ever. Very bad memories.

This time however, I will have good memories. I am going to run and I am going to have fun. While I am nervous to step back into the championships, I am also excited. I am going to go and simply have fun running through the muddy trails. I assume they'll be muddy considering the rain we have had lately which is supposed to continue. I will admit that the caliber at the BC Championships is nowhere near what it used to be though. I remember being a kid and watching people such as Leah Pells or Angela Chalmers. Plenty of Olympians out there. This year, we'll have one Olympian, Malindi Elmore. It definitely should be interesting. 

In the meantime, I have been busy coaching the high school kids. They have run 3 meets already, though I missed one due to being sick. They have their Vancouver Island Senior Championships tomorrow in Victoria. This is where they will qualify for BC high school's on Nov 6th and I hope that some of them do. The girls race will be interesting for sure. The quality on the island for girls has dropped this past year as a lot of the faster girls graduated last year. We'll see what happens. 

PS. it's 1-1 now! 

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