Monday, October 25, 2010

Can I get a re-do?

First off, a few pictures from the Goodlife Fitness Victoria Half Marathon just over 2 weeks ago.
Boy I look thrilled to run, hah

The start! I'm behind the guy in bright yellow.

Just before the 10km point, feeling strong

Coming up to the finish



Up next, the weekend of Oct 15-17th. A few Sunday's ago (October 17th), I turned the big 2-9. I had the weekend off work and had nothing planned. I attended a speech by the great Lucy Smith on the Friday night up at the local university and then was talked into attending her workshop on the Saturday morning. Lucy is very motivational so I had a good time at both the speech and workshop. 




So Sunday was my birthday. As I said, the big 2-9. I had wonderful facebook messages for my birthday and I appreciate them all. If it wasn't for the facebook messages and the few cards I got, I wouldn't have known it was my birthday. Jason was busy working on stuff nearly all done, which made him out and about. Other than a happy birthday in the morning, I didn't see him until nearly 7pm. I spent the day cleaning the house and doing laundry. My dinner, was pizza pops because I didn't feel like making myself dinner. No dinner, no cake. I was wishing for time to go faster to end my day and I was thankful when October 18th came around. I have heard birthday's get worse as you get older.... hard to imagine because this one sucked

My co-workers all heard that my day sucked, so they planned a surprise birthday pot luck behind my back and surprised me at work on Friday night. They even bought me my Dairy Queen Cake, with Canucks logo, that I missed out on. So in the end, I got my dinner and cake. =)

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