Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some High School Success!

High School Cross Country is in full swing. We started practice around the beginning of September and we have just over 1 week left until the season is over. So far the kids have attended 5 meets and have done quite well. Back in the beginning of October, we took them over to Surrey for the day to race. It was a lot of fun, but definitely exhausting by the time I got home!

Then on the 18th, we headed off on the big yellow school bus down to Victoria for the Island Age Group Championships. This is the last opportunity for the Grade 8-10's to compete in their own age groups. We moved our Grade 8's up to the 9-10 category to increase their distance to 4km (rather than 2km) and we walked away with the Girls Team Championship. Woo hoo! Go girls. Not enough boys or girls in the Senior 11-12 races unfortunately, but they all ran their hearts out and had some pretty stellar performances. 

Yesterday was the big one. The Island Senior High School Championships. This is where kids must place in the top individual 20 or the top 4 teams to make the BC Championships on November 6th. Unlike some schools, we took all of our kids (I think we only had 15 total, 8 girls 7 boys). So we had our tiny little grade 8's racing as well and I might add that some of them are small. They all did well. We had a good feeling that our girls team would qualify, but were unsure about the boys team. We knew 2 of our Grade 12's had a good chance as they qualified last year too. In the end, we were right. Our girls qualified by taking 2nd place (sucks that you can only take 7 when you have 8 girls total) and so did our 2 senior guys (Forrest and Brock). Our guys team came 7th, so 3 spots out of qualifying. We did a reverse flip from last year where our boys team qualified and no girls qualified (the flu took out 3/4 of our girls team). 

7 members of our girls team


A shout out to one of our grade 8's Jacob. On the 3rd and final lap, disaster stuck and he had a little mishap. I could not help but laugh as I saw him come out of the trails covered in mud. Poor kid. He had a nice cold swim in the lake to wash off afterward!

So that takes us to now! Saturday November 6th, we will head back to Victoria (for the 3rd time) for the BC Championships! One of our girls has a chance to possibly podium or be close to it! Hopefully I'll get it off work! 

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