Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ideal race report

My recovery is going well after last Sunday. Already back doing workouts, smaller scale of course, but still back at it. I had sore hamstrings and calves for the first 2 days, but received some treatment from Abe on the Tuesday which helped. Plus in general, just getting back out running helps as well. I was even interviewed for the news the other day. I was near a local high school and parked to do my warm up in the surrounding area. I saw A News getting out of their car and the guy went to interview some people walking through the parking lot. I figured it had to do with the fact that the local baseball field wanted to make that lot pay parking considering a lot of students from the local university park in the lot as it is free and then walk the 5 minutes or so to the university. 

The guy ran over to me to catch me before I took off. He asked me if he could ask a question. I said that depends, what about. And of course, before he answers or even tells me anything, he starts recording. It turns out he was asking about a bear sighting that happened in that area the day before. Apparently a momma bear and her 2 cubs were seen right on the trail where I was standing. In fact, I saw bear poop on the trail later. 

He simply asked me if I had heard, which I said I had heard rumors and explained I had heard my NDSS track team had their practice canceled the day before because of it, but I hadn't heard much else (I was at work, hence why I wasn't there at the practice). He asked me if I was worried, to which I said no, and that people just needed to be cautious and pay attention rather than walking around with music blaring in their ears. They only ended up showing the part about the team practice being canceled and they also proceeded to show me running up the trail. Ugh. I hate watching myself run or even hearing my own voice. Lovely. If I get a clip, I'll post it.... maybe. 

Anyways, I read a clever race report for the Goodlife Fitness Half Marathon. At least I thought it was funny. Here is part of it (taken from mid way through the article)

"Part of the half-marathon route was hairpin loop. So, after a time, we encountered elite half-marathoners sprinting down the other side of the road. Seeing them lapping us like this was humiliating. 

What's worse, instead of making rude gestures at the pack leaders, the runners around me starting cheering and clapping. 

I don't want to come off as the Half-Marathon Grinch, but even the spectators cheering us on got on my nerves. Some rang giant cow bells. One guy blew a conch. They sat in lawn chairs, snuggled underneath cosy blankets. Where was my cosy blanket? Why wasn't I sitting and watching, cradling a Starbucks latté, instead of running around like a knob?"

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