Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sick Kitty

Sick Kitty is breaking my heart. I first mentioned that Steve became sick. He was sneezing a lot, snorting snot everywhere and sleeping much more than normal. I knew it was a matter of time before Socket would get sick because Steve would simply sneeze right in Sockets face. Yummy eh? So then last Wednesday I came home from work and was told that Socket was starting to sneeze all the time.

Bring on sick kitty #2. Socket sneezed snot rockets all weekend, slept a lot, exactly like Steve did. Then when I came home from work on Monday, Socket was now wheezing along with sneezing. As Jay says, Socket sounds like a 100 year old asthmatic smoker. That night he preceded to sleep on my pillow by my head, wheezing all night long in my ear. He generally visits my pillow briefly and then goes to sleep on the floor, not this night. I resorted to ear plugs that night and decided the next morning I would take him to the vet.

I called my normal vet and they were all booked up due to the canine parvovirus going through Nanaimo right now affecting dogs. So people are booking to get immunized. I called up another vet and was originally told 2pm, to which I said wouldn't work as I worked at 3pm. They gave me another option of 10:30am. So off we went.

We had to drive half way across town to this vet, which is Socket's longest drive ever. I take him in the car every so often to get him used to it and he is normally good, wandering from front passenger seat to the back looking out the window. Only incident this time, was he decided to poop right on my jacket in the back seat. Little bugger. I guess it's better than on the actual seat of the car?! Easier to clean anyways.

We see the vet and she honestly does a 3 minute exam and says, he has an upper respiratory infection. Oh surprise surprise. That is what I figured. She gave him a shot of antibiotic that she said would last 2 weeks and that we should see an improvement in 24 hours and sent us home. No incidents on the way home.

Here we are the next day and kitty has been sleeping basically all day, but the wheezing is sounding better slowly. At least I think so. He did snort out a gross snot rocket at one point though and last night I swear he had a sneezing fit of about 20-25 sneezes all in a row. I wasn't sure he was going to stop. The little bugger is breaking my heart.

Wheezing Kitty!

Sneezing Kitty!

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