Monday, September 27, 2010

A moment of distraction almost ended in disaster

Almost 3 days ago (Saturday) I thought I ruined everything. I thought I ruined months of training. I thought I ruined my upcoming half marathon in 2 weeks. Why did I think this? Well you see, I ended up coming down with a cold last Wednesday thanks to my lovely co-workers who had been bringing their germs to work. It was making the rounds between staff and I told them, "don't get me sick." Took me a day or 2 to actually feel the effects of it. 

Then on Saturday, I went for my normal Saturday run at Westwood/Morrell. I was still sick but on the mend with Friday being the worst day. In fact, Friday I was supposed to attend a cross country meet with my high school team, but I had to bail on it and instead spent the morning/early afternoon sleeping on the couch before heading to work. I was up late Friday night waiting on hold and dealing with Shaw Cable as our internet had been out since sometime early that morning. After waiting on hold for about an hour and 25 minutes, JUST as I was about to give up, someone picked up. I was nearly asleep in bed as it was about 1:30am at this point. We tried a few things, didn't work, so he said "I'll have to send a tech to your house, which can't be done until Monday morning." I was not impressed, so he told me I could call back during the day and request a sup if I wanted to try and get it escalated. 

 I was then too riled up to sleep, so I didn't fall asleep until nearly 2:30. Needless to say when I got up at 8am, it was early! I was still all stuffed up in the head, still mad about Shaw Cable but headed off on my run anyways. It was going okay as I made sure to take it easy considering I was still somewhat sick. About half way through, I rolled my left ankle slightly. I crouched on the trail, said a few cuss words and then ran it off. It felt okay, but I knew I then needed to watch my footing on the roots. 

I did fairly well for the rest of the run, no tripping/slipping/rolling of the ankle. Then it happened..... no lies within the last few steps of my run, JUST as I was starting to slow down as I entered the parking lot, I rolled my ankle again. I was coming down a small hill onto flat ground. As I rolled my ankle, I somehow (I think) tripped with my other foot and I became a flailing mess as I was trying not to fall on my face on the pavement while limping on the injured ankle. It was quite a sight I am sure. A few more cuss words came out of my mouth and two ladies near by asked what happened and if I was okay. I believe I swore and said "rolled my ankle for the 2nd time today and only 2 f'ing weeks before my half marathon." They didn't say much after that, lol. Sorry ladies. 

I limped across the parking lot to my car nearly in tears. A fellow runner/friend John came over to ask if I was okay as he saw me limping across the parking lot. He has also seen me with about 2 minutes left in my run and I wasn't limping then. I told him "No I am not alright" fighting back the tears. Walking it off didn't appear to be helping this time. A quick chat with him and another runner who told me I would be fine, I headed home, holding my throbbing ankle with one hand while driving with the other. 

As soon as I got home, I took Advil and grabbed the ice. I got changed, went upstairs to the bed and laid down, put a cover over the ice and strapped it onto my ankle. The pain got worse. I took the ice off and it felt a tad better. I knew I needed the ice though, so I strapped it back on and distracted myself while it froze my ankle. I kept the ice on and off over the next hour while I waited on hold with Shaw again. This time requesting a call back, to which didn't appear to be happening, so I called back again (after an hour) and waited on hold. Finally I received a call back from Will... to which I immediate gave a brief explanation and requested a supervisor. He tried very hard to deter me from getting that supervisor, but I know from working in a call center the agent must do everything possible to try and avoid that (aka by saying "I have the same power/skills that my supervisor does"). But if you say "supervisor" enough, they finally give in. 

I got called back by a person in the escalation department (I think), nothing he did worked. He said to try something and that he would call back in 2 hours. We tried it, didn't work. They kept saying it was an issue on our end. I went to work and eventually about 3 hours later he called back and said he escalated to the local Shaw department. My bf shortly after tells me that Shaw left a voice mail on his phone, they had an issue on their end and it was working now. Big surprise. So no internet between sometime Thurs Night/Fri morning and about 5pm Saturday with about 3 hours of being on hold. Let's just say, not impressed. I will be calling back to speak with customer service about my experience. I just didn't feel like sitting on hold again yesterday or today. 

In the meantime, I wrapped my ankle and went to work. The more I walked, the better it felt. There is no pain in my ankle now, even when I am running, though the tendon down the side of my lower leg is very aggravated right now. I have been lucky enough to have been fit in for some ART in the morning. Thanks Abe. He was all booked up until Thursday earliest, but he is taking me in before he starts work tomorrow. So thankful, but at the same time I know it will be so painful! Good painful though right? 

So that was my weekend in a nutshell. I thought I was screwed because the pain was bad and I couldn't walk it off, but in the end it turned out okay. I will just have to be careful for the next 2 weeks until I gain some strength and stability back in that ankle. 

PS. For those wondering, Marilyn Arsenault has been making progress in the hospital. She is seeing some progress in now getting up out of bed unaided. She has been able to walk around a bit (ex go to the washroom). This is big considering how things were last week. Hopefully she continues to improve and get released sooner than later. As she says, she still has a battle ahead of her to get back to where she was before, but she is going to fight to get there. Below is the exact quote from Marilyn. 

"Can now get myself out of bed unaided! It's quite the workout but it's worth it to have the independence! Thank you everyone for your messages of support! It's going to be quite the journey to get back to where I was but I'm always up for a challenge!"

Quick shout out to Katherine Moore for her marathon this past weekend at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. First Canadian Female in 2:47:44!

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