Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chop Chop Chop

After over a year, probably well over a year and many months of saying "I should get a hair cut," I finally went and did it. This past week I decided my hair was getting too long as it started to fall out of its tied up bun when I ran. Having it in a pony tail have way down my back was annoying. So on Friday I made an appointment to get it cut.....
..... and once I got it cut... part of me regretted it. Let me be clear, I didn't regret the entire haircut, but I did regret how much was taken off. In fact, when I was getting it cut some guy walked by and was like "what are you doing? you don't see women with long hair anymore." It ended up being slightly shorter than I was looking for, which may be why I am missing it. I get told "people won't even notice it is cut." That is fine, but for anyone who has had long hair, you know that it is easy to notice when a few inches get cut off and I had more than a few inches! Anyway, here is the before and after shots to show the change in length.


I do have to admit that my hair is much lighter now. Maybe that will make me faster? ;) I know it will grow back, so I will try to enjoy the shortness now. Hopefully it won't be another year before I get another one; however, when I do, it certainly won't be shorter than this! No matter how many people tell me to cut it short, no way, not now, not any time soon!

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Kevin said...

I think the new haircut looks great and it must feel better when you are running.