Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where to start!

Warning: This post might turn out to be lame as I am pretty unmotivated to write it due to just updating a whack load of information for the past 2.5 weeks of workouts for my coach; however, I know if I don't write this tonight, it will get put off until after the weekend.

So where the heck to start! How about those Canadian women who are dominating our medal haul. Talk about an inspiration, with the latest being the Canadian Women's Hockey team taking gold (Sorry USA), and then our own Joannie Rochette who had her mother pass away earlier this week in Vancouver skate her way to a bronze medal in the figure skating! This added onto an amazing day yesterday, of the Canadian Men's Hockey team with a BIG win over Russia, then a gold and silver in the women's bobsled, Clara Hughes (the only person to win multiple medals in both summer and winter Olympics) win's a bronze in the women's 5000, and the women's 3000m relay team takes silver. Wow. Let's just say that when I haven't been running or at work, I have been glued to my TV.

As mentioned in my last post, my weekend was crazy busy. I was off work Fri-Sun and barely had a free moment. It all started with grocery shopping and errands on the Friday followed by dinner at the Keg for my step dad's birthday. Then my buddy Chris came over at about 10pm and we ended up playing Super Mario wii until 1:30am.

Saturday started early with my long run at 9am, a short bit to relax before heading to baby Maggie's Baby shower. After that I came home for dinner (an hour) and then we went back out to Matt and Karen's (Maggie's parents) until late. We watched the movie 2012 which turned out to be longer than expected and full of horrible special effects. Here are some photo highlights of Maggie's shower.

Maggie and her casts due to foot issues upon birth


3 Generations and the littlest one who found eye liner in the bathroom

Daddy cutting the cake and Jake wanted to help out. Little did he know, his face would soon be hitting the table after leaning to far forward and daddy couldn't catch him. No major injuries tough, just a few tears!

Mom and oldest daughter Hailey opening presents

It was my intention on Saturday to be in bed early; however, that didn't happen due to that darn movie. When my alarm went off on Sunday at 5:30am, at first I thought it was my work calling or that I had set my alarm accidentally. Luckily before turning it off, I realized that it was set for the right time as I was heading to Vancouver for the day on the 6:30am ferry.

We were intially going to head out on the 8:30am ferry, but we had heard the day before about 400 walk ons got left behind as the ferry was full so we opted to go earlier. Little did we know, everyone else had the same plan. It was the first time ever that I have been on a full 6:30am ferry. That one is normally the emptiest. We did get to see a beautiful sunrise though.

Kristin, Caitlin and I on the ferry

Ads in Vancouver (thanks to RBC for selecting me as Torch bearer!)

Line up for the Cauldron viewing platform. Not that long of a wait

Cauldron Photos

Security over the Olympic Rings

Crowds at the Cauldron

Did you know we were a bobsled team?

Line ups at the Royal Canadian Mint to see the Olympic medals and a 1 million dollar coin (no idea how long the line took as this is only PART of the line)


Crowds everywhere

Oh Canada!!!

Zip Line over Robson Square (no idea of how long the line was)

Security working hard

Molson Canadian Hockey House

Count Down to the next Winter Olympics in Russia

Looking back towards downtown Vancouver (BC Place and GM Pl...oops Canada Hockey Place)

Athletes Village

Inukshuk with Science World AKA: Russian House in the background

Kristin and I

Lots and lots of inukshuk's

Athlete's Village: Canadian Headquarters I assume

Looking back towards Science World


We took a break from Olympic events and went into the BC Sports Hall of Fame. Here we found Canadian Olympic Bronze Medalist from the 1984 Summer Games in LA I believe, Pamela Rai (part of a swim relay)

Simon Whifield's Torch

Yay I won

Okay I think that is enough with the photos. They have made this post pretty long. I have a ton of photos and the rest are on my facebook (for those who are on my frineds list). It was a gorgeous day when we went, getting quite warm in the afternoon sun. I even got a slight sunburn and it's only February! Overall it was a pretty fun day. A LOT of walking was done and although it was my day off running, my feet and legs were tired and sore by the end of the day, which concluded at about 11pm when I got home (9pm ferry, which also was packed).

I am glad that I went over to Vancouver as I initially wasn't going to go. Unfortunately Canada lost to the USA that day, but we will meet again and next time will be different (hopefully). I was on the bus back to the ferry when the game ended so I missed seeing the reaction in Vancouver, but apparently it wasn't the greatest (as expected). A once in a lifetime chance to hop on an hour 35 ferry to Vancouver to the Olympics. Chances are, this will be the only Olympics that I attend. Time will tell though! Definitely worth the trip, even if I didn't get up getting to meet up with D and Sam.

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