Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crappy Feeling and Cedar Spectator Review!

After another big week, I was surprised to find out I was given an easier week this week. I am glad though as I have been feeling off all week. Not only off with regards to running, but completley off in general. I hope I am not coming down with something. Not only am I feeling off, the mysterious shoulder/arm pain that I had in my left arm back in September for nearly 2 months has once again returned. What the heck could it be? I have no idea. Hopefully nothing major. All I know is that I cannot wait to feel "on" again.

I did receive some ART from Abe this evening, this time on my hip flexors as I had a feeling they might be involved with the issues going on in my lower back and lower abdominals. Hopefully it helps. As I was coming out from my appointment, I saw Mike (who operates the Running Room in town) waiting for his appointment. There was a guy in between us and Mike and I ended up chatting the entire time the guy was in for his appointment.

I mentioned last time that the Cedar 12km was happening on Sunday. The weather was perfect for the runners and I found myself busy that day assisting with registration, then taking photos of the pre-race warm up, start and then weaving my way past the runners to get to the 3-4km mark (I think) to get mid race photos before waiting for the top 5 men to pass before speeding back to the finish to catch those activities. Then I assited with handing out the awards before helping clean up. Busy day for sure!

In the end, Jim Finlayson took the top spot finishing in 37:54. Chris Kelsall recently wrote a great Flotrack article about Jim which you can find here. Top woman for the day (by far) was none other than Lucy Smith in 44:17. Photos of the winners below

Winner Jim Finlayson

Womens winner Lucy Smith

While I am on the topic of Cedar, I want to give a few shout outs for some stellar performances. First off is Keith Mills, who took an amazing 3 minutes and 48 seconds (if my math is right) off his Cedar 12km time from last year going from 45:47 to 41: 59. Wow

Next up is one of my fellow Westwood Running Club/Bastion Running Club members Byron Trajan, who took off 2 minutes and 53 seconds going from 45:54 last year to 43:01 this year.

And lastly to Care Wakely who finally took first in the 25-29 age catgeory with a 2 minute and 48 second improvement going from 49:17 to 46:29. Way to go Care!

Congrats to everyone who ran on Sunday.

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