Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Make that 2 Golds!

Congrats to Maelle Ricker for taking Gold in the Snowboarding Cross event earlier today to become the first female to win gold on home soil! I was able to see the race just before heading out for my workout, so that gave me some extra oomph today. Then Team Canada with their 8-0 win over Norway in the hockey.

I don't have much to say tonight; however, I noticed that I forgot to include my favorite photo Alex Bilodeau's medal ceremony last night. I somehow left it on my camera which is why I never noticed while uploading to the blog. So I will include it today! (Sorry for all the Go Team Canada posts; however, I am proud to be Canadian and it's even more special because the Olympics are so close to home)

A better update will come tomorrow, I promise. I have to get into town to take a photo for me to be able to blog about it and I forgot my camera when I went to town the other day. So provided I remember tomorrow, I will update with more info tomorrow ;)

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