Friday, February 12, 2010

I have only been watching the live torch coverage for the past 45 minutes and right away it brought back memories of my day back on October 31st. The torch carries some strong emotions and I do admit to tearing up on and off. While it was awesome to run on Day 2 (it is now Day 106) of the relay, the crowds out in Chemainus were nothing like the crowds and excitement today. Mind you, Chemainus is a MUCH smaller town than Vancouver. Part of me wishes I had applied to run in Vancouver instead of on the island!

Carrying the torch was an amazing adventure and the ONLY thing I would change about the day is the fact that I was sick with the flu. The sickness kind of made me a bit out of it for the day and preferably I would have chosen to be fully conscious of what I was doing! IT was still fun don't get me wrong. This song also makes me tear up as they played this video before our adventure that day.


Unfortunately I will be working during the opening ceremonies this evening; however, I plan to visit a TV as often as possible. I wish I was my sister who is attending the festivities in person tonight! Then again I never applied for any tickets so it is my loss.

In other sad news, there has been a casualty at the games already, Olympic luge competitor Nodar Kumaritashvili crashed during his trial run today and ended up passing away. He was 21. This course is apparently dangerously fast. I was able to view a video of the crash and it was pretty brutal. He was basically thrown off the track as a rag doll. The video was removed from You Tube a few minutes after I saw it. Thoughts and prayers to his family. Let's hope for no more accidnets throughout the remainder of the games.

** Edit. The video is posted here if you want to see it (if the video remains here). Warning: No blood or close ups, but you do see Nodar fly through the air and hit the post sideways.

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