Friday, February 5, 2010

A bit of everything

I am so disgusted as I write this. Jason is watching Kenny vs Spenny and they are having a competition where they are wearing adult diapers (or briefs as we call them at work) and they have both crapped their pants basically. The competition is that whoever removes their diaper first or has their "crap" leave the diaper first, loses. The loser has to clean windows butt naked in public. I have no idea why this show is appealing as they do some pretty disgusting things. I hate to say it, but it's a Canadian Show.

Did I lose you yet? Sorry if I disgusted you, but I had to share.

I am nearly done another big week of training. I should have one more week to go before a down week. That stomach issue I spoke about before is still around. It comes and goes with it's good days and bad days. I had a doctor's appointment about something else today, so while I was there, I asked my doctor about my stomach pain. Once again he says that it is likely muscle related. Alright, "how long should I put up with the pain before I come back" I asked, in which I received "3 months." WTF, 3 months of pain before the doctors will look further into it. Why is it that Doctors are pretty much useless. They either just want to prescribe medicine or if they don't know the answer, they say "just wait on it." Crap. It's why I tend to not visit them if I don't have to.

Okay rant completed. =)

(excuse the corny cake. Jason asked for a cake so I figured I'd be nice and make one and then chose Pink to give him a special message )

Tonight I spent the early evening (2.5 hours approx) making cookies. In fact, I think the final tally was about 10 dozen cookies. 5 batches each of 2 dozen. I covered 3 different kinds, Oatmeal cinnamon raisin, regular chocolate chip and then chewy double chocolate chip. Why all the cookies you might ask? On Sunday it is the Cedar 12km, which is hosted by one of my clubs Bastion Running. It is on my home land as the course goes right by my house within the first km of the race. Club members were asked to make cookies as part of the after race feast. Home made cookies are better than store bought anyways, right?

(the route goes through the farm area of Cedar, hence the cows in the logo)

This is the one race I am a bit disappointed about not racing; however, I will keep myself busy volunteering with registration before hand, taking photos during and then likely with the awards afterward. So I will be busy and maybe that will help with the "I want to race" feelings. So far I am okay with it, but race day might be different. I am enjoying my training and am getting in some good quality workouts. I know that not racing is in my best interest, so I think I will be okay on Sunday.

Time for a kitty update via photos before I go.

The boys cuddling about a week ago

Socket has now taught Steve how to get up on the cupboards. We still have no idea how they get up there; however, I think it's cute how big brother Socket is watching over little brother Steve.

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Molly said...

The cats cuddling is a hoot! So sweet :)

That TV, wow. Glad I missed that!