Thursday, February 17, 2011

X-Ray Results

Last week I had an x-ray of my pelvic area by my local doctor here in town. I basically went in asking for one and he agreed stating that he figures it would be fine and that a bone scan might be necessary. I received a call back from the doctors office on Monday asking me to come in, so an appointment was booked for Tuesday. 

I went in figuring the next step was a bone scan. First off the doctor informed me that there was some sclerosis around my pubic symphysis and asked whether I had been injured there before. I told him that not that I knew of. Apparently from what I have been told, that is very common in runners and is comment when something is off balance which causes the shearing and then the healing results in thicker bone. Or something like that anyways. 

Then he goes on to tell me that my pelvis is so twisted and that he thinks this is the reason for all my pain. That is what Dr. J told me earlier from the Chiropractic assessment he gave me, except I was told by Dr Green that the x-rays were taken off center. I wanted these x-rays as I knew that the person taking them at the dr's office was trained for it and would do it right. So my Doctor here swears that my MRI will come out clean with no issues whenever I do get it and that all my issues are caused by this misalignment pulling and tugging on everything. He says I could manage with it for so long, but that the wear and tear finally broke down. 

He is still sending me for a bone scan though, which will take place at the local hospital. I asked him if he could get me the MRI faster, to which he laughed and said money money money. The referral was sent today for the bone scan, which apparently shouldn't take too long. I asked him how I should proceed and he told me to see a good sports physio. I laughed at that and asked who I should see as I haven't really seen any results from anyone here in town. He told me he would call a local sports doctor and ask his opinion, but he thinks that I just need to be adjusted and then work on muscular imbalances to hold my pelvis in the proper place. 

I have yet to hear about that advice. If he is right, that sounds good to me. No major problem and it would be something I could fix. I'll have to wait and see what he says. Will keep you posted.

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Keith Mills said...

glad to hear it's nothing "serious". Frustrating, long and drawn out, but fixable. Try pilates. for those of us who hate doing this type of work, its much easier in the presence of a teacher and a class.... plus they will help you to do everything properly. Sorry to hear about all these set backs, but keep your head up. an adjustment and some strength work will set you straight perhaps.