Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spin by "Candlelight" anyone?

Okay maybe it was technically a spin by flashlight, but here is the full story:

The weather has been quite weird lately. On Saturday, it poured with rain with high winds. Sunday it calmed and we saw the sun. Monday the pouring rain and high winds were back. I live on the outskirts of Nanaimo and quite often we lose power when this happens. 

I spent the day completing my elliptical workout, which Matt has now introduced "speed" sessions into it. The workout was 7 x 5' with 90" rest. It was TOUGH. My quads were burning on the darn machine and I was literally sweating up a storm. I swear the people around me thought I was nuts! The entire time I was a the gym, it poured with rain and for once, I was kind of glad to be inside. Sure I like to run in the rain, but it was nasty and windy. I am not a fan of the wind. Not to mention, doing an actual workout made time go a bit faster. 

The drive home from the gym was through floods. Roads were flooded everywhere, which is real great considering the passenger side of my hot rod Tempo leaks so the flooding roads means a nice puddle on the floor. 

I spent the afternoon relaxing and then at about 5:40pm, as I was flipping channels between the hockey game and other shows, the power went out. Ahh fudge I thought. Then it flicked half on and back off. That is when I knew it would be off for a bit. So dinner turned into fast food from Wendy's. *** side note: if you are wondering, we don't really do Valentine's Day in this house, not by my choice of course so we had no plans anyways** I called the BC Hydro number for power outages and it estimated the on time at 8:30pm so I began to read a book to pass the time.

Just before 8pm, with Jason asleep on the couch, I went downstairs and set up shop to do my short 30' shake out spin for the night. It actually wasn't that bad. I set up an LED flashlight which gave me enough light. Then my laptop had enough power to last me through 1.5 episodes of Modern Family to take me the full 30'.

 After I got off the bike, it was after 8:30, still no power, so I called again. New estimated time, 10:30. I read some more and then started to get ready to go to bed. At 10pm the lights flicked on briefly and then went out again. I knew that was the end at that point. New estimated time, 11:30. I went to bed only to be woken up at 1:20am when the power came back on and the tv and lights came on downstairs. What caused the outage? A tree on the power line of course. Sure people used to live in the past off candlelight, but these days, its just not possible (not for a long time anyways). I am thankful to have my power back! 

PS it poured with rain again today off and on. The wind picked up, but not as bad as yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

You are such a trooper!! Wendy's mmmmmmmm!!! They have a new natural cut fry with sea salt that is to die for. :-]