Monday, February 7, 2011

Injury 1- Me 0

Before we get to the injury update, I want to say thanks to Benji @ Saucony for a nice apparel package to get me through the rest of the winter. Though the weather has been quite deceiving latley getting up to some mild spring temperatures and considering it is only the beginning of February, I expect to need winter clothes for a bit longer. 


As for the injury, I have not run since last Wednesday. Well that isn't entirely true, I did do a quick 10 minute test run on the treadmill on Saturday. I decided to listen to my body (and to everyone who finger wagged at me) and take a break. It isn't a full break though. Instead of being outside pounding the pavement and trails, I am now stuck inside being a cardio gym rat. The elliptical has become my new best friend. While I am disappointed that I cannot run, at least I can do the elliptical without pain and it keeps me feeling as though I am doing something. 

I took Thursday completely off after my hip hurt all day on Wednesday. It felt better on Thursday. Friday I spent hours baking tons of cookies for the Cedar 12km that happened yesterday. In the process of making dozens upon dozens of cookies (I have to leave some cookies at home) I acquired a nasty burn on my finger. Who gets a burn while wearing an oven mitt and taking a cookie tray out of the oven? Yep, this girl here. Take a look, it's a nasty blister. I guess its time to get new mitts. 



Friday night I hit the bike trainer for a 60' spin. BORING. How do you triathletes/ironman etc do it? I watched a movie but time just crawled. Saturday I went to the Nanaimo Aquatic Center (NAC) to use the gym and spent 45' on the elliptical (split into 28 minutes on one similar machine and 17 minutes on the actual true elliptical) and then a 20' bike spin with a 10' test run. Slight pain very briefly at the end of the 10' when I shut it down. 

Sunday I was up early and at the gym just after 7:30 for 45' on the elliptical (15' on the similar machine and 30' on the real one) and a 20' spin. I then raced home, got changed, grabbed the cookies and my camera and headed over to the Cedar 12km which is a few blocks from my house. I spent a few hours helping set up, then standing outside taking photos followed by handing out awards and draw prizes. I helped clean up briefly and then took off just before 2pm as I had to run off to work for 3pm. It was a long day by the time I got home at 11:30 and in bed by 12:30. 

So I am letting my injury take the upper hand briefly, but I regain control eventually. 

Although I did not race, anyone looking for the Cedar 12km race results can find them here


Molly said...

Sounds like you are doing just what your body needs to heal. Glad you can at least stay active in the meantime :-)

Florida Runner Boy aka Lee said...

I know its a hard thing to do but listening to your body is sooooo the right thing to do. I'm glad to see that you are following the course of wisdom. You'll live to race many more days because of your choice. Those cookies look sooooo yummy by the way!! :-]

Anonymous said...

What about pool running?

Drea said...

You will come back stronger!!!! Stay positive!