Monday, February 28, 2011

Looking for an Update?!

That is how I have felt while waiting for word on my MRI. My extended health company informed me they do not cover private MRI's. Boo... I will have to wait for the public system to work. 

Anyways, time to get down to business. I may have worded my last blog post incorrectly. Some have had the assumption that my injury isn't that bad after all and may just be a twisted/misaligned pelvis. This actually hasn't been confirmed. I have seen at least 7 different people (physios, chiro's, doctors) and I have received multiple opinions as to what each one things is wrong. 

1. Initially, my GP said it was a strained abdominal muscle. 
2. A physio said it was all due to a tight psoas. 
3. Another physio said it might be the psoas, adductor and also my back. 
4. The fourth person was a chiro who said it was my misaligned pelvis. 
5. The fifth person, yet another physio said it was likely a sports hernia. 
6. The sixth person, a sports doctor agreed that it might be a sports hernia. 
7. A seventh person, my regular chiro said the sports hernia is possible, but it also might be a labral tear. 
8. Finally, my GP who initially said strained abdominal, changed his theory to all being due to a misaligned pelvis.

Do I have a diagnosis? No. Are there tons of theories? Yes. Do I know what I am really dealing with? No. 

After nearly 3 weeks off of running, other than a few short unsuccessful test runs, I finally made it back to see my latest physio. He did some more tests and then decided it could be sports hernia or possibly labral related. He suggested that I not only get a MRI, but to get an MRI anthrogram where they inject a contrast liquid. I e-mailed my doctor in Vancouver with the update and asked him to contact my physio. I also informed him that my GP took new xrays and was sending me for a bone scan. 

My Sports Doc got in touch with my physio and they spoke about how they were going to proceed. So up next, I have the bone scan that was scheduled by my GP this Wednesday. I go in at 9:15am and get the tracer injected into me and then I leave and come back for my scan at 12:15pm which will take 30-60 minutes according to the info they sent me. 

I will get a copy of those results sent to my Sports Doc and then he will decide where to go from there. In the meantime, I contacted the UBC radiation department and found out that my MRI has been booked for March 25th. I am not holding my breath for this though, because depending on the results from my bone scan, the MRI might be changed to the MRI anthrogram. If it is changed, that MRI date no longer holds as it was for a regular MRI. An MRI anthrogram takes longer so they will have to reschedule. I am hoping a rush can be put on it if that is the case, at least so it is not any longer than March 25th, which ends up being a 2 month wait from the initial referral. Not bad considering normal Vancouver wait times are 4 months and Nanaimo wait time are 9-12 months apparently. 

So that is where things stand now. I did a few short test runs last week that went well, but today's test run wasn't quite as good. Pain isn't as bad in the hip as it was, but the abdominal pain is still there. I still hit the elliptical for the majority of all my workouts. I even had a 90' elliptical run on Saturday. Thankfully I had "The Fighter" on my ipod which kept me amused. It was still a long haul though. 

In the meantime, I want to say a special thanks to Marilyn for all her support. I think we have both been trying to keep each other sane during our injury ordeal. Marilyn's come back was unfortunately stalled at pretty much the same time I stopped running. Neither of us have an official diagnosis as to what our actually injuries are either. Coach Matt has his hands full with the two of us, so thanks to him for also sticking by with some of our whining.

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