Thursday, April 29, 2010

Eugene Here I Come!

Each day I inch closer and closer to my main goal race of the spring season. I work until 11:15pm this evening and then will be up at 4:15am and on the 5:15am ferry to Vancouver to begin the journey! With any luck I will get 4 hours sleep tonight; however, I am thinking it will likely be 3.5 or so as I still have a few things to finish that I wasn't able to get done this afternoon. I finished most of the packing, just a few odds and ends to do later tonight.

While I am not looking forward to the lack of sleep, I am totally looking forward to the trip. I am going down with some good guys and one of their girlfriends who I have yet to meet. We have already planned a few events for the weekend so hopefully it all turns out as well as it sounds. Last year I didn't take enough photos, so this year I will try and make up for it!

I have a few goals in mind, but my uttermost important goal is to beat my best time from October at the Royal Victoria 1/2 which was 1:24:15. I raced sick, with a head cold as my nose ran the entire time and I was even blowing aweful snot rockets. Eww. I feel as though I didn't run up to my potential for that race, so we'll see how this weekend goes.

I can only run my best on the day and this Sunday I hope to feel great! I have had my ups and downs to get here and even yet I am still not 100% healthy after some nagging injuries (stomach still), but I feel as though I am ready to give it my all! Bring on Eugene! =)

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Molly said...

Have a great race!!!!