Thursday, April 22, 2010

Countdown is on!

FYI, before I get started I just wanted to let you know that my prayer worked. After posting it both here and on Facebook, the Canucks won. Series is now 2-2. Hopefully they will now pull their heads out of their butts and start playing a full 60 minutes of hockey! One can hope can't we?

Since October, my training has been dedicated to May 2nd, 2010. After running the Eugene half marathon last year and running a less than par performance (it was a best time, but felt like junk compared to my previous best time). Last year was at the end of my season, I think it was 11 races in 16 weeks and the 2nd back to back to back of 3 races in the season. Needless to say I think I was a bit tired and burnt out. I finished in 1:25:59 and was hungry for more!

I wish I could get rid of that damn inward twist of my feet

Glad to be done, but unhappy with the time

Ever since that performance, I have wanted to go back and get my revenge on the course. I had a great time last year traveling down with Byron and Steve (see below), among many other local runners from Nanaimo as one of the clinics went down.

I wasn't sure whether or not the travel plans would work out, so I kept the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon (also on May 2nd) open as a back up plan. Either way, May 2nd I was going to run a half marathon, the location was yet to be determined.

Within the last few months, travel plans went back and forth with people confirming then backing out and then wavering on their plans. Finally some commitment happened with Simon and Mark this year. As is I was debating going anyways and even flying down if I had to. My plans nearly got bumped when my good friend Chris told me he was getting married on April 30th in Langley (outskirts of Vancouver). April 30th is the day we drive down to Eugene.

I weighed my options and attempted to work on attending the wedding and then finding a place to stay and a way to the airport the following morning, then flying down to Eugene on Saturday to meet up with my other friends. I would then drive back with them the day after the race; however, none of the plans worked out and I had no other choice but to officially rsvp "no" to the wedding. While part of me is upset to miss his wedding, I know I tried my best to work everything out to try and attend while still being able to keep to my original commitment of Eugene. I am sorry Chris, I will be thinking of you guys while I am down in Eugene.

So here we are, at this exact second It is
9 days, 10 hours, 6 minutes and 4 seconds until Sunday, May 2, 2010 at 7:00:00 AM. I am excited to go again and am feeling pretty motivated. I don't really talk about goals publicly. I mentioned a goal to a friend recently and since doing so I have actually readjusted my main goal. I think I will keep the new goal secret until after the race! Sorry, but you'll have to stay tuned to see whether I meet it or not!

A highlight of this race, will be the finish this year. The first time in the 4 years of the race that they will be finishing the half and full marathons on Hayward Field!! Exciting! If you have not see "Prefontaine" or "Without Limits" be sure to watch them!

Byron and I playing on the Hayward Field Track. The finish will be around here except facing the other way this year!

A couple more workouts to complete, then bring on Eugene! Ready or not, I will make the best of it!

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