Monday, April 26, 2010

Evil Birds!

People on my facebook will have heard this already, but believe it or not, I was attacked by a bird this afternoon while on my run. Okay well that might be a bit of an exaggeration; however, I did have 2 birds hit my in the forehead. I was running around a local park called Buttertubs Marsh (2.4km loop approx) and came through an area that had bushes on either side of the gravel trail. Just as I came out of the bushes, 2 birds that were "playing" in the air came out of nowhere and smacked me in the forehead before continuing on their way.

Not my photo, but this shows Buttertubs with Mt Benson in the background. I was in the area in the bottom of the picture when the birds "attacked." This is from winter I suppose as everything is much greener at the moment.

My first thought was wtf are you serious and I actually laughed out loud and said oh my god. Unfortunately or fortunately, no one was around to witness it! I say they were "playing" but according to Todd, spring is in the air and the birds were likely doing more than playing. Thanks for pointing that out Todd. Definitely a first for me! At least they were little birds! It is also what I get for running through Buttertubs considering it is a bird sanctuary!

Example of the trails around Buttertubs (also not my photo)

Less than a week until Eugene now! Woo Hoo!! Excited and nervous at the same time! We leave really really REALLY early Friday morning!

In other news, my kitties have been cute lately, though they usually are.

Socket playing up to the camera

I bought some food and filled up their dish! Just kidding, this is their food storage; however, they opted for the fresh food than the food in their dish right behind them (same food).

Socket wanted to share my spinach!

Till next time.....

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