Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Good and The Bad

Good news is that my Achilles/heel issue is behaving a bit more than last week. It is very minimal and only lasts for the first part of my warm up and then tends to disappear. I saw Abe at Island Optimal today and he took a look, coming to the conclusion that it's not Achilles Tendinitis as my Achilles is in too good of shape. I have a little scar tissue at the back of the heel, but he says that is very common in runners. Fingers crossed the pain continues to go away!

Bad news is that I spoke too soon about my abdominals, as they have been acting up again this week. Boo. Still struggling energy wise this week as well. Workouts feel tougher than they should, but I am fighting through it the best I can. Stressing a bit I will admit as my goal race (half marathon) is coming up shortly in about 3.5 weeks.

Good news is that the Canucks made the playoffs and took the Northwest Division Title.

Bad news is that they played like junk against the Sharks tonight. I'll give you this one Molly, but should we meet again... the war is on ;)

Good news is that I had the last 2 days off.

Bad news is that I work all weekend. Bring on Monday!

Okay, enough of that. I have a dilemma and I am not sure if anyone who lives in the USA is willing to or able to assist at all. Basically, I want to place an order with Saucony, but the damn website won't let me as I don't have an American address. I had someone volunteer to have me ship to their place and then they will ship to me; however, it won't accept my credit card payment as my credit card address isn't American. Anyone willing to accept a paypal payment in return for placing my order for me? I thought I would throw it out there anyways! The running stores here in Nanaimo are lacking for clothes at the moment and with the Canadian Dollar so close to the American Dollar, I figured I may as well take advantage! Let me know if you can help!


Molly said...

That game was craziness all around. I just wanted the 3rd period to end - penalties OMG!!!

I'd be happy to help with your order if no one else steps up!

Anonymous said...

Holabird Sports will deliver to Canada