Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gorgeous Eugene and Free Internet!

Free Internet means I can update my blog while away! Yay! So far the trip has been fantastic. I hope to finish it off with a spectacular race tomorrow! T minus 12 hours at the time I started this post! Woo Hoo!

We arrived in Eugene at about 3:30, hitting some traffic in Portland and making a few short stops. I have run on Pre's Trails and also around the University of Oregon, visited Hayward Field (track meet going on so we couldn't go in) and also visited Pre's Memorial Rock. I love Eugene!

My evening included pasta dinner and I am now relaxing while watching the Canucks kick butt! Fellow hotel guests are probably confused as we all cheer when the Canucks score! Anyways, I just wanted to give a brief update. I may do a temporary update after the race tomorrow, we'll see. Plan is to hit up the after party too, so I might not have time. Till then.....

1 comment:

Molly said...

Excellent game for the night before a race :-)

I was checking the race website all day annoyed they hadn't posted your results yet. Duh, it's tomorrow. Good luck!!!