Sunday, May 2, 2010

1:21:55 Eugene Half Quick Update

I am not going to go into details on this post. I will save that until I get home and have some photos possibly to go with the post; however, I do want to say that I am totally stoked with how the race went today. As I said pre race, My PR was 1:24:15. I had some goals in mind, originally to break into the 1:22's as close to 1:22 flat as possible. The more I thought about it, the more I thought that maybe that was too ambitious. I change my goal to breaking 1:23; however, I smashed that and just barely exceeded my original goal of 1:22 flat. When I was thinking 1:22, I really thought it would be mid to upper 1:22, not under 1:22, but I am in no way complaining that I beat that goal!

New PR 1:21:55! Woot!

I felt good the entire race, having one brief moment in the final mile where I felt like puking, but I snapped out of it quickly. Finishing on Hayward was an awesome bonus and when I looked at my overall time for the first time as I was coming down the finish straight, I began an all out sprint with 50m left to make sure I got under 1:22. I never found that hurt zone. For the most part it was working, but still comfortable. Since I never hit that "hurt zone" I believe I have more in me. I think if I pushed it a tad more, I would have done even better and I do believe I could have picked it up in a few spots, but played it safe as I didn't want to burn out. Nevertheless, I ran 1:21:55 and I am happy with it no matter the "what if's."

The rest of the day was spent getting a free 15' massage, watching the rest of the half and full marathoners come in. Shout out to Jane for her 1:34 and 3rd in her division and also to Mike for his 3:19 Boston Qualifier. I just finished up a lovely Starbucks Chai Tea latte, which leaves a shower, some relaxing and then the after party!

No updates now until I return to Canada....

PS. thanks for all the facebook congrats. It is nice to see so many people followed my results! You have all made me feel so special and I thank you for your support =)

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