Monday, May 24, 2010

High School Island Track Championships

Last week was busy. I worked Monday and Tuesday and then spent all day Wednesday and Thursday in Victoria with my crew for the Vancouver Island High School Track and Field Championships and then finished off with working Friday through Sunday. I raced on Sunday morning, but I will get to that in my next post (sorry!).

Early early Friday morning, okay so that means 7:15am which is early to me considering I work until 11:15pm and am generally not in bed until 12:30-1am, we met at the high school to head down to Victoria. We arrived thinking that it might be an okay day after all weather wise; however, there was a cold wind all day long and the rain came in the mid afternoon. Needless to say it was freezing and even though I was wearing 3-4 shirts/jackets I was still freezing and could feel tightness in my back and shoulders by the end of the day!

We had some strong performances though, with Miryam taking wins in the 400, 800 and 1500 and with her sister Becca not far behind in the 800 and 1500. Hannah and Quinlyn did well in the 1500 and 3000, Katie in the 1500 racewalk and 1500, Sarah in the 1500 and 3000. Grady in the 3000, Sam in the 800 and 1500, Seamus in the 200 and 400 and then some of the other sprint/field event kids that I do not know too well Adam, Jade, Leigh, Mei-San and Cole. I believe the kids that made it to the BC's are Jade, Katie, Mei-San for the Seniors and then Miryam, Sam, Becca and Sarah for the grade 8 and 9. Claire also ran well in the 800 and 1500, but she runs for Dover and not NDSS, but does train with us.

Hannah (special kudo's to Hannah who is a 1500/3000 runner and ran on the 4 x 100m team and made it to the finals!)



Miryam and Becca


I have a ton of photos, these are just some of them. It was a good effort by all of the kids and I am proud of each of them. Unfortunately due to my work schedule, I am unable to attend their BC Championships in just under 2 weeks.

While I was down in Victoria, I had the opportunity to do my workout on Wednesday at the UVic track. I haven't run on this track probably since 1999. It was kind of nice to run there again, especially since the track is in way better condition than the Nanaimo Track. Even though the Victoria track is old, it is definitely softer than the Nanaimo Track which might I add was never finished fully the first time (didn't add all the required layers as they ran out of money). I felt fast and frisky on my workout and even though I spent all day freezing and shivering with tight muscles in my shoulder's and back, I pulled out some decent splits for my workout!

Stayed tuned for my race report, likely coming tomorrow!

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