Sunday, August 19, 2012

Walnut Canyon Adventure


Since we are nearing the final days of our "vacation" we decided to forgo some recovery time in order to get in some sightseeing. After Friday's workout, we headed just outside Flagstaff to check out Walnut Canyon. It was a $5 per person fee (which is good for 7 days) and an absolutely stunning sight to see. There are not only remarkable cliff formations of the cliff itself, but there are also remains of pueblos. Basically remains of the communities and apartment like structures built out of stone and adobe mud among other materials. It was remarkable. 

You basically descend quite a few stairs and ramps down along a trail into the canyon. The fun part? Heading back up all those stairs of course. Want to know what is even better? Going up and down those stairs after running a hard workout. My quads were definitely shaking on the way down and burning on the way up! At 7000ft, it is quite the chore for most tourists, but they have many benches along the way to stop and catch your breath. Luckily after being here over 2 weeks, we were pretty accustomed and could venture up with a slight increase in breathing. 

 View from the visitor center

Hard to believe people use to live in communities like this 

Evil Evil Stairs!

Tourist Photo!

Just amazing!

Path we followed

haha, having some fun

Built from hand

Overhang was amazing

Another room, but with a window/door

Not bad for a timer shot!

They were either really short or walked hunched over

What's in there?

Stuck my camera in and this is what came out

View from inside a room

It actually seemed pretty cozy and sheltered

More across the canyon

Wonder how long till these rocks fall further?

Across the canyon

Hello Snake!

Let the climb begin

Hello there workout from the morning

Details on the trail

Wall construction tools. Unbelievable!

Random shot at the end

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