Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Calm After the Storm!

When we first arrived, we had a full house, but now the numbers have slowly dwindled. While its definitely more peaceful, I must admit that it was fun having some pretty fast runners in the house. It has certainly opened up my eyes that I have a heck of a lot more work to do. 

Watching some Olympics. Mens 10km maybe?

Group shot before some of the team left
L-R back: Andrew Bumbalough, Brent Vaughn, Calia Vaughn, Sara Vaughn, German Fernandez, Myself, Tim Nelson 
L-R front: Marilyn Arsenault and Kiki Vaughn

After the shot above, the Vaughns and Tim headed out as they were off to Falmouth to race. The house was certainly quieter after they left, but I will be honest that a part of me missed it and the "hi Cody" and "YOU!" from Calia. 

A few days after the first bunch left, we bid adieu to Bumbi (Andrew) as he headed back to Portland to see his wife before heading over to race in Europe.

Alicia was the next to go as she headed off on a week long trip to run the 3 day solo race with the transrockies, which might I add, she won easily. 

That left Marilyn, German and I (along with Alicia's family that lives here) until he finally headed off to Texas for a wedding before also heading to Europe. Needless to say, it is now a lot quieter!
 German and I

These housemates are VERY talented and I wouldn't be surprised to see a few, if not all head to worlds or the Olympics in the near future. I look forward to following their progress and then cheering them on in the future. 

Over the last few days we have done a few day trips. I will post about them shortly. In the meantime, it is time to run!  

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