Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rolling Along

Hard to believe another week has gone by. The training up here has been fantastic. I have adapted fairly well to less oxygen and am enjoying the process. Not to mention the trails are just out of this world. I love west coast trails, but these trails are also something special. 

The first workout I attempted was tough. I won't lie. I suppose it was after my 6th full day here and it was a tempo workout. I tried my best to hang onto the speedy Marilyn Arsenault. It was tough on both of us, but we fought through and while I wasn't right beside her, I wasn't too far behind. Luckily though, I had one less rep :P 

Cruisy runs the rest of the week and then the heatwave hit. Temperatures are nearing upper 20's by 9-10am. Then generally the clouds roll in mid afternoon and bring in thunder storms. Sometimes with rain and sometimes without. The temperature drops slightly but then when the sun returns after the storm, it goes back up. Apparently it is hotter than normal at this time of year as August is generally their monsoon season. 

We did another workout on Friday. This time both mine and Mar's workouts were different. So she did the first part of hers with Alicia and then finished on her own. I on the other hand was completely alone. It was a 10km effort workout and I thought I had done pretty well. Unfortunately I made some decisions in my workout that ended in a difference of opinion, so my awesome workout apparently wasn't so awesome. The joys of training. 

Sunday we had a long run, so we headed out to the Bader Road area and hit up some trails that Alicia and Mar hit for the initial part of their workout on Friday. A few wrong turns here and there, but we found our way around (with slight help from the Garmin). It was one of the most beautiful and fun trails we have run here so far. Here are some photos below. 

This bull was keeping a close eye on us

Heaven on earth! So beautiful!

Not so great form! Oops


Molly said...

Looks like a great vacation!!!

mfranks said...

Sounds like a good time!