Saturday, September 1, 2012

Life Goes On

The last few days of my trip were filled not only with running, but visits to Sedona and the Grand Canyon. I had planned to post about these trips when I got home (I may still do so); however, life (aka reality) got in the way. The days after getting home were filled with running errands such as grocery and laundry and then returning to work. My co-worker who works opposite shifts as me has called in sick since I got back, so that has resulted in me working extra shifts. Let's just say my idea of going back to work wasn't going to be working 7 out of 8 days. But it doesn't stop there. I now have 2 days off because I turned down a shift tonight due to plans, but then I return back next week to work 6 out of 7. Yay work!

Running has been average since returning home. The training at altitude caught up with my legs and while runs weren't terrible, they weren't flying either. I have been told that is normal. I briefly flew on day 3, but from the sounds of it, what I felt between day 4 and 10 was normal. Today is day 11 and I am heading to Victoria tonight to race a 10,000m on the UVic track. Answer me this.... am I crazy?

You see, this girl has never raced further than 3000m on the track. For non track people that is 7.5 laps. Never even a 5000m. Yet here I am jumping into a 10,000m which is 25 freaking laps! Am I nervous about it? Yes. I would totally rather run 10km on the roads; however, this is merely a race to see how I react after altitude. It's not an important race, just one I am doing for experience. Will keep you updated. 

In the meantime, round and round I go! 

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