Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hikes Continued- Linley Valley

So back whenever I was hiking, the day after Haslam Creek (so May 10th I believe), I decided to go check out Linley Valley here in North Nanaimo. I had heard of it, but again had never been there. I found the entrance quite easily. 


A quick look at the map to get an idea of where to go
This park is a hidden gem, right in the middle of north Nanaimo. Hard to believe that the busiest part of the city was only minutes away! I felt like I was off in the bushes on the outskirts of town! 


Lots of bridges in this park!
Some of the joining trails are much smaller single track trails. 

Self portrait?

Cottle Lake (I guess)

Stairs on the back side leading to another entrance

Cute little bridge

Overlooking Cottle Lake

 So not far from the picture above I ran into these 2 bones not far from one another? Wonder what they are from!

They were located not far from this. Anyone need a car?! 

Apparently to get rid of trash, you just toss it over the cliff. This is in the area where the car is... I imagine it was driven off the cliff maybe?

Birds nest?

Near the end of my hike I went up this trail to what I hoped would be some type of lookout.

Unfortunately.... this was my lookout. 
In total, my hike was 90 minutes with light rain near the end. I thought about doing a run here, but the main trails are not long enough. I could probably get in a decent run if I do some loops up on the single track trails. Either that or I simply missed a huge chunk of trails and think the park is smaller than it is. Nevertheless, glad I checked out this hidden gem!

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