Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ammonite Falls

Back on May 11th, I met up with my friend Kris to hike to Ammonite Falls. Yet another place that I had no been to before. My co-worker Mandy was also supposed to join us, but I hadn't heard from her, nor had she responded to any form of message I sent her. Turns out her phone screwed up and she never got any of them. 

We entered Ammonite off Jingle Pot road, specifically Jameson Road. Pretty easy to find and in fact the trail was somewhat simple to follow. Not exactly what I expected as a hike. Shorter than I thought for sure.  

Entrance from Jameson Road

Trail towards the falls
 Not sure where to go? Follow the sign!

Camping anyone?

To get to the falls, you must go down this nice and steep, muddy hill with a rope
Ammonite Falls!


Attempt at a self portrait! Could not get both of us and the falls in it!
So it turned into a one person portrait!

From the bottom looking up the rope climb
Kris climbing up the hill!

 Top of the falls looking down! I did not get too close. Heights are not for me!

Heading back to the car.

Next up: Random things along the way. 
 We found a big wood lot with a whole bunch of these staggered around the lot. We have no idea what they are for. Anyone know?

How about a bunch of bricks found in the same lot? Random

Not really random, but an unfortunate event. Apparently this person passed away at this location after hiking back from the falls. From what I remember, he was fairly young too. RIP buddy.

As I mentioned, this was a shorter hike of just 75 minutes and we added on to the hike by going out and back on a trail to see where it went. It didn't really go anywhere, so we turned around and went back. Glad I did the hike, but definitely not a running trail.

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Anonymous said...

The red bins you ran into is a frisbee golf course set up through the Vancouver Island University woodlot land.