Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Biggs Park/Jack Point

The last of my hikes was done at Biggs Park/Jack Point. It was a gorgeous day which made the hike perfect. This hike was located not far from home out in Cedar. Specifically, its located right near the Duke Point Ferry Terminal so it gives some gorgeous views of downtown Nanaimo. 


To begin the hike you go through a tunnel that takes you under the highway to the ferry. 

I had to take a photo to show how close the ferry terminal actually is

I love self portraits! =)

Looking towards downtown Nanaimo

So the hike itself states its a 5km walk. Not sure if that includes the 1km loop at the end or if that loop is separate! 

Heading along the trail
Big tree! 

Need some info?
Some weird statue?

Beautiful boardwalk/stairs along the way

Why not take another photo?

The first part of the walk is kind of noisy due to a mill right across the street. 

Trail gets a bit narrower and less open.

Hello Nanaimo!

The tides have carved out some weird holes in the rocks. This one reminded me of some type of animal!

More photo fun!

Gabriola Ferry from afar!

Sick of the photos yet?

Duke Point Ferry in the background!

Yoga anyone? I have only done Yoga about 3 times in my life, so this was me trying to "pose" as someone who knows what they were doing!

More sights

My favorite photo. I just love the colours in it! Turned out well considering I took it with a timer. Me pretending to be a runner while injured. 

I met a friend on the trail on the way back.

I was on this hike for a few hours. Very flat trail, not challenging, but I stopped a lot to take photos. In all... I think approximate total hiking time was around 75' but definitely not exact. After I finished my hike... I decided that since 4 weeks of rest finished the following day that I would trial a run. BAD idea. That simple 15 minute run was painful and it made work for the rest of the night painful. 4 weeks off and this run hurt. I sent an email to Dr. Green not long after stating that I had seen no improvements.

**Thank goodness that finishes the hikes. I have more to post, but 3 posts in one night is enough! Stayed tuned for the injury update! 

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