Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And that's a wrap!!

Over the past few months I have been busy assisting with the local high school track and field team. We had our biggest team yet with a whole bunch of new grade 8 kids. Months of training boiled down to the last few weeks. First came the North Island Championships on April 30th and May 1st in Port Alberni. This was our qualification meet for our grade 8 and 9's. The senior kids (grade 10-12) just had to make an appearance in one event. This was a new rule this year and honestly a stupid one. For instance, our racewalker who is top in BC had a 10km race that weekend in which she was focusing on; however, sine she had to do an event at North Islands, she opted to run a 200m. A waste of her time and energy for sure! Each of our athletes qualified to move on from this meet.

That takes us to May 18th and 19th where we were off to Victoria for the Island Championships. It was a beautiful 2 days, though the wind was a bit chilly at times. We had a lot of awesome performances and in the end I think we had 12 kids qualify for the next and final state, which was the BC Championships. 

So June 3rd and 4th we were over in Burnaby for those championships. We had Brock and Forrest (mens 1500 and 3000), Rebecca (womens 1500 and 3000), Carly (women's 1500, 3000 and 1500 steeple), Katelynn (womens 1500 racewalk), Leigh (womens high jump), Miryam (grade 8-9 800 and 1500), Tkia and Abigail (grade 8-9 1500 and 3000), Abbey (grade 8-9) 400 and 800. Then we also had Casey and April over as part of the grade 8-9 4 x 100m team. Though our team dealt with some sickness and injury prior to the meet, each kid gave their best on the day and that is all I can ask for. I even got to see D (I'll provide her link... not that she EVER blogs) again, even though it was a brief chat as she was busy with meet organization! 

With that, high school track has now ended, though I still continue to help out some of the kids who compete in club or simply just want to continue to train. At least a majority of the meets are done now though, so that will free up some of my own time again. I love helping the kids, but I also like having my weekends free! 

We lose a few kids next year as they are graduating and I will miss those kids as they were pretty awesome; however, hopefully we will pick up some new grade 8's in order to fill the void!

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